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FET final and CrossFit semi-final will be held at the Exhibition center 2,
Hall 4A and 4B, BEXCO, Busan, South Korea, from June 2 - 4 (3days), 2023.

Competitions will be live broadcasted through Far East Throwdown Youtube ( and (

It is allowed for spectators to film with their cell phones.
However, if you are not in Media Team, any other kinds of professional filming equipments or camera are not allowed.

Yes. Please check the ‘EVENT’ tab on our website for the Community Event related.

The community event is for the individuals only.

Qualifying is only held online. Only the Final will be held at the same venue as the Semi-final. Final of the Community Event will start late afternoon after the Semi-final. The time-table will be posted later.
Only for those top ranked players who participated all of the online qualifier throughout January to April will get qualification for Community Event Final.

Anyone can participate in the Community Events regardless of CrossFit career, level, age or gender. CrossFit Open’s result won’t have an effect, so please do not hesitate.
It will take you to the next level that you never imagined.

The last date for registration is the same as the deadline date of submitting the workout. For example, if it’s February, the deadline for submitting the workout video is February 28th, and that is also the last date to register for the Event of March.
However, we highly recommend that you submit the video earlier.
Also, don’t forget the special season ticket to register all four events at once is only on sale in January.

All the registration and payments for Community Events are made through mobile application LinkCoach.
Please contact LinkCoach through official e-mail

The online qualifier’s workouts will be announced on every 1st day of the month, from January to April.
Please check the mobile application ‘LinkCoach’ to check the workouts.